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Jan 23, 2013 4:00am PST
group's executive vice president says there are only two reasons for a federal list of gun owners. to tax guns or to simply take them. he says the president must respect the rights guaranteed in the constitution. >> we're not people to be trivialized, marginalized, or demonized as unreasonable. we're not children, two need to be parented. mitter clingers to guns and religion. >> he rejected the president's call for a ban on automatic weapons and high-capacity gun clips. >>> one year after joe paterno's death, his fans honored him near penn state's campus. they braved frigid temperatures in a candlelight vigil. his family did not attend the vigil. >>> and a shout out this morning to the who dat nation. the new orleans saints have their coach back. he was forced the sit out this last season because of his role in the bounty program. his suspension was supposed to last until after the super bowl. roger goodell ended it yesterday two weeks earlier. the saints fan, we all like to see sean back next year. >>> the yellow computer-generated first down line could soon be seen in a stadium near you
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am EST
trying to pull something. >> the squatter simply had to file a legal notice, pay taxes and liens and openly live in the house. if the owner does not object and the bank does not take action, the house is legally his in seven years. >>> an uninvited visitor caused a buzz at the white house. a pesky fly decides to ovr around president obama's face as he was announcing the nomination for the s.e.c. it landed in his forehead. but this fly got a presidential pardon, unlike the one he famously splattered during an interview four years ago. >>> and from l.a., a rescue worthy of hollywood. it featured a small dog and a somewhat elaborate zip line system. the pooch had gotten on to a small island in l.a.'s mcarthur park. it was slivhivering in the rain. but the rescue squad set up the zip line. no one knows who owns the dog. it doesn't have a microchip. >>> and turning to england, a woman fell straight into a canal, that's right, while texting as she walked. she wasn't paying attention and said the gray ice looked like pavement. a passerby helped her out. and other than being embarrassed and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)